Deep Thoughts on Independence Day

    I had time to think to myself while being dropped off the back climbing hills in Leelanau.

    Getting dropped sucks, but on the flip side, you get time to think, and think about a lot of stuff!

    There are no distractions, no screens, nothing but the pain of exhaustion while you watch your buddies pedal ahead, and you get lost in your own mind.

    It dawned on me today (after 40yrs) that July 4th isn’t about boat drinks, fireworks, hotdogs, or carnivals. It’s literally all about FREEDOM.

    Freedom is hard to grasp because we have lived with it everyday, since birth.

    As an entrepreneur I am especially appreciative.

    Freedom is the foundation that allows for entrepreneurship and this is what makes America so awesome.

    Early in my career I was awestruck by Earl Nightingale’s famous quote, “you become what you think about.” (find it on YouTube)

    This quote was rolling in my mind as I reached for every last effort to keep pedaling and catch up.

    On this Independence Day, let’s toast to our freedom and the opportunity it allows for us to become what we think about.