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Hi, I'm Andy, aka 231 Commerce. I help business executives and companies with eCommerce training, thought leadership, and digital education. I experiment with my own products & websites and then share these findings with the world.

No theories here, just real world learnings from 15 years as an Ecommerce owner & operator.

selling online since 2004

Our Story

The Beginning

At age 26, with a young family and the passion, hunger, and desire for more, Andy earned his first $20,00 selling online before online selling was cool. This was before Amazon Prime, before WordPress, before Shopify, before Facebook, back in the days when Google Adwords was $0.15 per conversion and you had to know code. 

Swimming with the Sharks

Andy was inspired to carve out a really specific niche and trademarked his ECOMOWER brand. He didn’t want to sell lots and lots of products, instead he took the approach of ‘sell more of less’ as opposed to other sites that were selling ‘less of more’. This landed him on the 2nd season of ABC’s Shark Tank in the spring of 2011.


With a leading digital-first wholesale brand that distributes online through, and, his team is continuously re-inventing the shopping experience, and working to disrupt the traditional wholesale channel with an incredible customer experience.

How can we help?

“but we just don’t have time for this”

Digital is a huge opportunity with many challenges – but where do you start? After we kept hearing “we just don’t have time for this,” we decided to put our experience into practice. We can help you develop the strategy and resources you need to drive your digital business – from your website technology, marketing & lead generation, and reputation management – all centered around providing a great Customer Experience.